100oz of Water a Day

Around the beginning of September 2020 I started drinking 100 oz of plain water every day. Seltzer, Diet Coke, beer and coffee did not count. I still drink some of all of these, but for the 100 ounces goal it had to be tap filtered water. Why? I’ve read articles over the years touting the many health benefits of high water intake. People said it made their skin clearer, bad breath went away, fewer muscle aches.

All I git

Here’s everything I know about git without having to google. It isn’t much. I type the following to edit the git config: $ git config --global alias.co checkout $ git config --global alias.br branch $ git config --global alias.ci commit $ git config --global alias.st status Jeez, I had to google that. I couldn’t remember the --global flag. Anyway I was close so I’ll count it for the purposes of this post…

Specs First

I’m just about done with the Mythical Man Month by Frederick Brooks Jr. The influence of archaic patriarchal norms are present in more than just the title, but it was a good read. I hope to read more books like this where the point is learning how to write/compose/build software projects rather just how to write software. Many of us have proudly looked on the results of various “Hello World” outputs and then wondered…what do I do now?

Post 01 from the Quarantine

Well, I didn’t expect this. I saw the news stories in February about the Coronoa virus. A co-worker gave me the link to the Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Tracker on February 27th and I started tracking it. For a little while I thought it was not going to have much impact. They tell us something is going to kill us damn near every year and I figured this would be the same.

Why this name?

I have a blog already. Have had it for many years. I really got all jazzed about running my own server and golang blog stuff, but then I decided that the contraption I’d made wasn’t all that fun to work with. I’d think of a post and then think of all the SSH hoops I’d have to jump through to make it live. I’ll give blogger one thing, it sure made it easy to write content.

First Post

Did this work? I hope it did. Perhaps I can get some mark down action going here.