Why this name?

I have a blog already. Have had it for many years. I really got all jazzed about running my own server and golang blog stuff, but then I decided that the contraption I’d made wasn’t all that fun to work with. I’d think of a post and then think of all the SSH hoops I’d have to jump through to make it live. I’ll give blogger one thing, it sure made it easy to write content.

But anyway, there it sat. No updates for long long periods of time. I finally decided to make something new, so here we go.

I think this blog will be about four things:

  • Chess
  • Card Magic
  • Tech stuff (mostly golang)
  • Being a manager

I’m not a great Chess player by any means, but I do love the game. I’m not a great card magician, but it’s so much fun to pull off a good card trick. I’ve been a software developer for most of my working life and even though I don’t write code full time anymore, I still like learning the new tech and using it to help out my other interests.

Lastly, I’m currently a manager(the particulars are all on LinkedIn). I have many thoughts on what makes a good manager. I plan to record some of that here and then have a good laugh in a year or so (or maybe a month or so). I like being a manager too, but being new to it, I’m sure I’m not great at it.

So many areas for improvement. Writing it out makes me think I shoud just kick back and watch Netflix during my down time. Nah.

As Epictetus said:

I mean, I will never be Milo either; nevertheless, I don’t neglect my body. Nor will I be another Croesus - and still, I don’t neglect my property. In short, we do not abandon any discipline for despair of ever being the best in it it.

(It’s worth it to read the whole book )

So the name “Down Material”. In chess when you are down more than a pawn or two, you’re said to be down material. Meaning, you’re not doing as well as your opponent, at least as far as pieces on the board go. However, you might be in a great position despite being down material. And the material I write for this blog will be written during my down time. So…“Down Material” seemed like a good ol’ double meaning name. And, most importantly, the domain was available.